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Ref Thunder by ElviraTheFennec
Ref Thunder
Yes! xD so i asked by bf if i could make him a character, and this happened ! :o

Name: Thunder
Age: 21
Gender: Male.
Relationship: Taken - Elvira.
Specie: Werewolf - shadowlords.

Here he is in his hispo form, which Means... think a wolf. just maybe... 35x times its normal size xD
one big doggie...
But awe like... look at him, could just snuggle it ! ^-^

Temp Elvira Azura ref by ElviraTheFennec
Temp Elvira Azura ref
Only temporarie reference sheet for my fursona Elvira!

Name: Elvira Azura. (also known as El)
Age: 17 (human years)
Birthday: 22th of april.
Gender: Female.
Relationship: Taken.
Sexual orentation: Bi-sexual.
Specie: Shapeshifter/shadow/demon. - (of animal forms she prefurs either being in Cat form or Fennec)

Likes: ...
Dislikes: ...
Personality: she is not that outgoing and mostly likes to keep to herself, mostly because she is not that found of other beings, then her friends and mate. but she is open towards meeting new people and making new friends, though she still has a few troubles with it because of social anxiety. but with her friends she is very open and derp. she is slightly insane, loves bloody and gorey Things maybe a bit to much... she loves pulling tricks on people, and mess around with them. Don't take her cross off or she will go bad shit on you.(xD) else she is very sweet and friendly, if she likes you.

She always has two tails, always her cross on, and has a small "x" in her left blue eye.
She is a shadow demon, meaning she can play with shadows and summon creatures out from the shadows. (yes she has a complete demon form havent made it yet though xD)

Yes a Little about my fursona. and yep a small temp ref. ^^

luccus headshoot by ElviraTheFennec
luccus headshoot
Helllllllllllooo yes i know it was a traditional... but eh, i thought yesterday. i can just as well Draw it digital xD
hope it is okay c:

Buuut a headshot of :iconhichigoshirosakiwolf: horse Luccus. most say damn i like him. he is awesome !

But Again hope its okay and i hope that you like it c:

Zombie make-up. by ElviraTheFennec
Zombie make-up.
Annnnnnnnnnd anoother picture of me.. i am sorry guys for spamming you with this lately.. just i really love doing this so freaking much ! 

but well criticism ? anyone ? i am open towards it ! ^^ 

done by :iconelvirathefennec:
Skeleton.. thing by ElviraTheFennec
Skeleton.. thing
damn... i suck at titles.. xD

Well here me with mah horns and once again i played with some make-up ! 
kinda happy about the outcome ! c:
and cant wait for halloween !
gonna be a demon... muhahhahaha !!!!! 

Horns needs paint.. .else they are done ! 

Make-up, horns and picture by :iconelvirathefennec:


ElviraTheFennec's Profile Picture
but well i like pie. that should be enough for now!

Now i shall add a bit more!! xD

Status: Single.
Real Name: Camilla
Fursonas name: Elvira Azura
I get called El el but thats only by my friends and mostly :iconstickerheart:

I am 16 years old... >:c
i got two dogs. One hyper fatty and a old grumpy fart.

People i see as my friends xD
:iconleoofthedead::iconnatmcsplat::iconstarrysstudio::iconstickerheart::iconayakitten8::icondixielove::icongamal-the-rookie::iconthesketch-artist::iconshade-c-llewellyn: Have i forgotten anyone.. its kinda late so idk xD

Amazing girl - stickerheart
Sister - DixieLove
I thought, since i haven't been much on the computer lately to draw (when i have it was so i could work on a commission), i thought it could be fun to open some traditional commissions if anyone would be interested.
also my internet at home is screwing a bit up... (in school. woop, not on my computer to draw on) 

But yep, i don't really have any examples to show, but i will open two head shot commissions. just to see if any one is interested.
they will cost 25 :points: then you can choose it to be colored (if i have the colors...i will inform you of that when i have seen the ref) or not. i am gonna line up the lines with a black marker. 

i am willing to draw... mostly any animal, though i am not good at birds nor humans.

any one interested - note me. 
Love Elvira ~


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how are you ? ;u; 
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